Computational Mechanics and Design Group

Department of Civil & Structural Engineering

Numerical methods

Formalisation and validation a novel method to design notched components against fatigue

The ultimate aim of this PhD research work is the formalisation and validation of a novel method suitable for designing notched metallic components against proportional/non-proportional constant/variable amplitude multiaxial Fatigue. The above method will take as a starting point the assumption that the plane experiencing the maximum shear strain amplitude is...

Project deep carbon: verification and governance of environmental carbon sequestration

Carbon dioxide storage in deep geological formations is part of a technological approach for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining the security and stability of the world’s energy systems. Subsurface storage is the final element to the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) chain, where the major issues are in understanding...

Dynamic constraint modelling

In this project, we develop new penalty methods for use in fast transient dynamic problems, simulated with time-domain integrators. A problem that has plagued the community for many decades is that the usual stiffness-type penalties tend to decrease the critical time step of conditionally stable time integrators such as the...
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